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  • ER Emergency Ready Survival Kit


    Saves you time and money when replenishing the expired supplies in your survival kit
    Contains US Coast Guard Approved emergency food and water with a guaranteed 5-year shelf-life
    Contains all the supplies to replace expired items from a 4-Person ER Emergency Ready Survival Kit

  • Urban Survival Bug Out Bag, Choose from 2 or 4 Person Emergency Disaster Kit, Emergency Zone Brand


    You never know when disaster will strike. Don’t be caught unprepared. We offer two variations of our Urban Survival Kit, one created for 2 people and one for 4. The 4 person kit contains twice the following: backpack, reflective sleeping bags, ponchos, tube tents, hand warmers, food and water, light sticks, toothbrushes, N95 masks
    Both kits contain USA made SOS brand food and water, US Coast Guard approved for a 5 year shelf life.
    Discrete black backpack: All supplies are conveniently packaged in a discrete and nondescript black backpack. No reason to advertise your supplies with a bright red backpack and logo. The key is just blending in with the crowd. The backpack is oversize to also package other personal items and plenty of pockets to keep smaller items organized. Items are organized in zip lock bags to keep everything organized as well as dry.