Paracord Bracelet Survival Hacks

When you’re in a survival situation, like a zombie apocalypse, you will need to know how to improvise a lot of stuff. That includes shelter, hunting tools, cutting tools, makeshift weapons, and many others. You’ll need a good deal of ingenuity and resourcefulness to get through alive and unharmed.

Gerber Gator Machete Jr: A Cut Above The Rest

Whether you’re camping, shipwrecked in a deserted island, or on the run from a zombie apocalypse, a good utility knife is always a welcome companion. You can cut wood to make a fire, peel fruits, slice meat for a barbecue, and of course stick the blade into an approaching zombie. To achieve all of these, […]

How to Not Go Hungry in a Zombie Apocalypse

What do zombies eat? Human flesh. Brains. Whatever your body has. Unless you’re a cannibal, you just cannot eat the same things. So what are you going to eat in a zombie apocalypse? You could go to the nearest Burger King or McDonalds, but with no one left to run the restaurants, how will you […]