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  • Emergency Food Supply of Healthy Freeze Dried Survival Food – Valley Food Storage


    WARNING: COUNTERFEIT SELLERS! Do not buy from any other brand other than VALLEY FOOD STORAGE. VALLEY FOOD STORAGE is the sole seller of this product. Other sellers will show extended ship times, impossible pricing, and will never ship the product! Make sure that the SOLD BY is by VALLEY FOOD STORAGE when you checkout.
    25 YEAR SHELF LIFE. This kind of long-term viability means you can use this food storage as survival, emergency, or preparedness food. Whether you need it next month or next decade, this food won’t spoil until a quarter century has passed.
    REAL, ALL-NATURAL. Our products are just as real and tasty as anything you’d find at the grocery store. No hydrogenated oils, GMO’s, or MSG. Because it’s 100% real, it’s a fantastic source of nutrition.

  • Valley Food Storage Emergency Preparedness Grab and Go Bucket Survival Kit (1 Week Supply for 4-People)


    CONVENIENT GRAB-AND-GO PACK | The Valley Storage Grab and Go Bucket is the perfect solution for emergency situations, camping trips, boating outings, or to store in a vacation home. All the supplies that four people need for one week are assembled in this easy to carry bucket. Just grab and go to take complete nutrition and protection with you wherever you go.
    FEEDS FOUR FOR ONE WEEK | The Grab and Go Bucket contains an impressive 85 servings of food. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you won’t go hungry if an emergency situation arises, or simply trade the chaos and expense of preparing travel meals for four people and grab this convenient bucket.
    SURVIVAL EQUIPMENT | The Grab and Go Bucket also includes carefully selected survival essentials for emergencies. This bucket contains a survival blanket, fire starting supplies, a whistle, a compass, a water purifier, light sticks and instructions for survival. Take it on short or extended trips for improved preparation and safety in any condition.