Why You Should Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

By Bruce J Martin 

When it comes to the topic of zombies, people tend to fall into two groups. The first group vehemently denies that the zombie apocalypse could ever happen, and insists it is only the stuff of movie lore.

The second group loves those movies, loves zombies, and knows all the ways a zombie apocalypse could happen – a virus, a government conspiracy, parasites, meteors, etc.

What’s interesting to me is that this second group, while being so sure that zombies are one small event away from rising up to destroy civilization, never prepare for such an occurrence. They watch the movies, read the books, talk about the Walking Dead series nonstop, but never prepare for the worst. At least the guys in the first group don’t feel the need to prepare.

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The truth is, everyone should prepare for zombies, whether or not you believe they’re real, or even possible. Even if a zombie apocalypse never happens, your preparations for it will cover a range of much more likely catastrophes, such as floods, blizzards, and earthquakes. You’ll also be prepared for other seemingly unlikely apocryphal events, such as the reversing of the earth’s poles, global warming resulting in a new ice age, or a government revolution.

So why not prepare? Even if you never use any of the skills you learn, you’ll at least have the piece of mind knowing that you could use them if the need arose. That itself is pretty useful. And if you do need those skills, you’ll be glad you took the time to build them, so you don’t have to rely on someone who did (or hope you survive long enough to find someone who did.)

Also, it’s not like you need to become Bear Grylls or any of those other celebrity survivalists. You just need to work on the basics, not go full-blown bushman. Learn how to start a fire, make water safe to drink, and find some food. That’s a great start to being prepared for just about anything.

You can do all this with just a little bit of practice. Read up on the how-to, try it out, and then keep testing until you perfect it. Could you spare an hour or two a week for the next couple months? That little bit of time would allow you to at least cover the basics. And these skills are kind of like riding a bike. Once you have them, you’ve got them for life, even if you haven’t used them in decades.

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