Survival Gear Essentials For A Zombie Apocalypse

In a zombie apocalypse, you can’t expect to stay in one place for a long time. One way or the other, you will be moving out a lot. Chances are you’ll have to wait it out in the outdoors as well.

Surviving in the outdoors sounds like the hardest thing ever in the modern world. But when you have these ten essentials with you at all times, it’s going to be a lot easier.

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1. Utility Knife

A knife can be your best friend in a zombie apocalypse. You can use it to cut tree branches for firewood, or you can use it as a weapon to fend off zombies. A good knife has to be sharp enough and tough enough to endure cutting nearly anything you might need. Having a comfortable handle is a big plus.

2. Flashlight

Zombies love the dark. They will hunt you down even with the lights off. So don’t be caught off guard; always have a flashlight with you. Shed some light in the darkness and scare off those critters. Not only that – inevitably you will have to scavenge at night, so you will really need some light.

3. Rope

Feeling extra adventurous? You’d need a rope to rappel down a building. You’ll also need rope if you want to zipline across buildings for an easy escape from a horde of pursuing zombies. Oh, and rope is always useful for pulling stuff out and keeping things secure in one spot. Have some of it handy. Paracord is best for its strength. Make sure it’s long enough too – 100 feet is a good number.

4. Carabiner

This is good for hooking into your rope for rappelling and ziplining. You could also use carabiners to hook supplies and gear to yourself for easier transport. They have many different uses, so it’s best to include a few of them in your survival kit.

5. Whistle

Unless you have a particularly loud voice, yelling isn’t always the best way to call the attention of your fellow survivors. With the help of a whistle, the job is easier. Most survival whistles can be heard even from really far away and produce hundreds of dB of sound for maximum impact. Just make sure you and your fellow survivors are not within earshot of any zombies.

6. Matches / Firestarter

If it’s cold and you’re caught out in the open, you will need a fire to keep yourself warm. You can either do it like they did in the stone age, or have heavy-duty matches or a fire starter kit on hand to make the job easier. In the modern world, the wise survivalist will always choose the latter.

7. AM/FM Radio

Communication is essential to surviving a zombie apocalypse. Have a radio handy and listen in to find out where evacuation sites are, where emergency supplies can be found, and so on. You never have to wait it out alone.

8. Bandages

All the running, rappelling, and scavenging will leave you grazed. Bleeding is your enemy in a situation like this, so make sure to have bandages you can use to patch yourself up.

9. Wire Cutter

Sometimes, your only viable escape route is behind a barbed wire fence. You can either climb it and risk cutting yourself, or you could cut the wires and go right through. The safer choice is always the latter, and a wire cutter is exactly what you need to do that.

10. Glass Breaker

Let’s say you’re in a car, speeding away from a wave of zombies. Without warning, the car breaks down, and the doors won’t open. If you have a tool to break the glass, you can get out of the car and find another one. Usually, glass-breaking tools can be found in those tactical pens, which are multipurpose as well.

You can find all these tools and more in the various kits we have, like the Eachway Professional 10 in 1 Emergency Survival Gear Kit and the Alritz Survival Kit. Visit the Survival Kits section of the site to find the right kit for your needs.

Oh, and one kit may not be enough. If you want to be prepared for anything, feel free to combine several kits to create the ideal survival gear set. - FireKable

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