How Zombies Are A Metaphor For Modern Survival

By Aaron J Frankel 

Somewhere around this past year my best friend urged me to read through World War Z by Max Brooks. Initially I was really averse.

Zombie genre stuff really wasn’t for me. Shortly after some harassment, I gave in and obtained the book. A chapter into it and I was not able to put Wold War Z down; I had become simply hooked. Just after, I plowed through a number of other associated books and movies. What seriously enamored me to Zombie Apocalypse fictional works was the similarity amongst real-world situations and what a variety of writers such as Max Brooks were bringing into existence. I came to understand exactly why a great deal of people in the survival groups regularly had an a fixation with Zombie Apocalypse Fiction and would often say outrageous expressions such as, “When the Zombies come.” I now appreciate that for these folks, and at present for me, Zombies became a metaphor.

If you simply just exchange Zombie Apocalypse with global financial failure, pandemic, or natural disaster you would likely still have pretty much the same plot. This is the reason why Zombie Fiction renders such a compelling metaphor for modern-day survival, and especially Urban Survival. It does not matter if we are talking about undead hordes or rioting mobs, the nuts and bolts are all the same. It has turned out to be a method for two individuals to convey the same fundamental concept about two outwardly different topics of survival.

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The euphemism of Zombies makes having a dialogue a little less complicated. It’s far easier to say, “When the Zombies Apocalypse comes” and sound like a goof than it is to say, “When X happens” and sound like a tin foil hat-wearing fruitcake. We can theorize about it, play with it, and it’s all in jest. Theorizing about real-world challenges that can happen is far more problematic. You eradicate the sentiment from the dialogue when you’re conversing euphemistically.

Zombie Apocalypse Fiction gives Modern Survivalists the chance to get close up to their fears without touching them outright. It’s one thing to examine a dreadful narrative about Zombies taking over and mankind caught in a competition for our very existence. It is quite another to read a saga about the collapse of a country and its people consumed in a struggle for their very existence. When you close the Zombie book, the fight is over or at least put on hold. It’s easy to state, “That could never happen” and disregard the tale enough to rest easy. This is much more difficult to do when the plot is closer to home. In the end, Zombie Fiction permits its readers to journey through a hypothetical series of scenarios without the fear of getting eaten by them.

Article Source: How Zombies Are A Metaphor For Modern Survival - Instablade

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