Gerber Gator Machete Jr: A Cut Above The Rest

Whether you’re camping, shipwrecked in a deserted island, or on the run from a zombie apocalypse, a good utility knife is always a welcome companion. You can cut wood to make a fire, peel fruits, slice meat for a barbecue, and of course stick the blade into an approaching zombie. To achieve all of these, the knife you have must be multi-purpose, weatherproof, and highly versatile. It’s got to be something you can adapt to any situation.

The Gerber Gator Machete Jr. is all of those. It’s something you can bring with you anywhere, and it’s useful in any situation you might find yourself in. Here’s why.

Compact Double-Edged Sword

The Gerber Gator Machete Jr. is by no means as long as your typical sword, but it is double-edged. On one side of the nearly 11-inch-long blade is a fine, razor-sharp cutting edge, ideal for hacking through thick brush, slicing pieces of animal carcass, or cutting open packets of food rations. On the opposite side is a serrated sawtooth edge, great for sawing away tree branches and other things too hard for the razor edge to handle.

Not only that; its small size allows the Machete Jr. to fit in any bag you may be bringing along. Whether it’s a bulky backpack or a modest messenger bag, you can just toss the knife in without it taking too much room.

Has a Handle on Things

Another great feature on the Machete Jr. is the grip, which works both in humid and dry weather. With that, it will also work with sweaty hands. If you’re one of those people, no need to worry about the knife slipping off your hands often. The ergonomic design coupled with the material of the handle ensures a strong grip whatever the environment is. The Machete Jr. further gets a grip (pun intended) thanks to the fact that you can thread a tether through the end of the handle. With that, you won’t have to worry about the knife falling out of your hand.

Doesn’t Stab You in the Back

The Machete Jr. literally won’t stab you in the back. It includes a nylon sheath that not only protects you and your bag from accidental cuts, but also protects the precious blade from environmental wear. Once you’re done sawing and slicing, just slip the blade into the sheath and toss it back into your bag.

The Gerber Gator Machete Jr. is a trustworthy cutting companion. At just about $20, you can have a durable and very reliable utility knife at your fingertips. Also, you can not only use this outdoors, but also indoors. Got a workshop? The Machete Jr. can work there as well. - FireKable

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