Five Very Unlikely (But Useful) Places To Go To In A Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie apocalypse scenarios usually happen within big cities. That’s a bad thing because there are so many people that can be infected pretty easily. Also, a zombie apocalypse can shut down so many essential services like power, water, and emergency response, paving the way for more panic. Basically it can shut down the entire city, and chaos will soon rule. How will you survive then?

Good news, though. There is a light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. Being in a big city also gives you some unique advantages, thanks to these places you can go to. In these five locations you will find gear that will greatly ease survival and escape.

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1. Car Dealership

Zombies can run faster than you. They don’t get tired as easily too, so you’re going to need some serious horsepower to get away from the hordes of the undead. A car is your best option, so find the car dealership nearest you and go for that getaway vehicle. Smaller cars are better as they can squeeze into tight spots, which are also easy escape routes\

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2. Gun Store

The best defense is a good offense. Arm yourself with some serious firepower to blow those zombies’ heads back to the grave. As to what gun you need, that’s up to you. If you value agility, go for a handgun; but if you think you’ll be taking on more zombies along the way, grab an SMG or assault rifle. It’s heavier, but you can mow down a group of zombies faster. But always make sure of this one important thing: Only shoot zombies, never your fellow survivors!

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3. Seaport

It’s a known fact that zombies cannot swim. Go for the water and make your escape in a boat, yacht, or ship. The zombies can’t get to you once you’re out of the dock. Make sure you have a life vest close by, though. You never know when the next storm will hit.

4. Airport

If zombies cannot swim, all the less can they fly. Escaping the zombie apocalypse by air is the fastest and perhaps the safest option as well since you’ll be 30,000 feet above the carnage. Hopefully you have some mad piloting skills or there’s a pilot in your group.

5. Bank

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Any good bank has a main vault that you can lock yourself in. The solid steel doors and secure locking mechanisms not only keep thieves out, but zombies as well. What’s more, these vaults are not small. They can accommodate you, your supplies, weapons, and a few other survivors too. So if you think you’re outnumbered and about to be overrun, run for the nearest bank and lock yourself in the vault.

Making your escape can’t be easy, but if you are equipped with handy dandy survival kits like this one from Alritzthis one from Changku, and another from Monoki, the task will be a lot easier. These toolkits all fit neatly in whatever bag you may be bringing. Come prepared and you’ll get through the zombie apocalypse alive and well. - FireKable

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