Five Skills You Need To Know To Better Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

In today’s world, everything is smart and connected. You live your life each day enjoying unprecedented convenience thanks to the internet. Now you can do almost everything on your phone, from ordering lunch to booking a hotel for the coming holiday. Life has not been any easier than this.

But what if you wake up one day and find out you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? Perhaps there won’t be any more Uber drivers around to help you make your escape. You’ll have to get by on your own. Nearly all the apps on your phone will be useless in a situation like this. How will you ever survive?

Good news is you can survive. It’s very possible if you know these five essential skills.

1. Map Reading

Survival Business Card

No, this is not Google Map reading. We’re talking about paper maps. GPS services may be down in a zombie apocalypse, but paper maps continue to be in service. Don’t worry – if you know how to read Google Maps, you also know how to read paper maps. All you need to know is where you are and where you’re headed. To make things a lot easier, have a compass ready with your map as well.

2. Rappelling

While navigating the many buildings of a city, whether highrise or lowrise, chances are you will need to make a quick escape from zombies in pursuit. The quickest way is through rappelling down the building. Make sure you have a long enough (and strong enough) stretch of rope for this purpose.

3. Rope Knotting

Rope is not only good for rappelling. It’s also good for tying things and securing them in place. To achieve this, though, you would need to know how to tie strong knots. From square knots to timber hitches, knotting techniques will be your good friends in this quest to outsmart the hordes of zombies.

4. First Aid

Pulling through a zombie apocalypse unscathed is nearly impossible. More often than not, you will find yourself with a scratch, a cut, or a wound of some sort. If a zombie doesn’t eat you alive, bleeding and infection might kill you. Don’t take that chance; learn to patch yourself up through essential first aid techniques. Bandaging, tourniqueting, disinfecting, everything. Know them by heart, and you’ll keep yourself and your fellow survivors alive for much longer.

5. Hand-to-Hand Combat

What if a zombie catches up to you? Or what if a fellow survivor with the intent to steal your stuff picks a fight? You must know how to defend yourself. Learn some martial arts like Kung Fu, Aikido, or better yet, Krav Maga, and you can fight off any attacker, alive or undead. You’ll look like a pure kickass too while you’re at it.

Keeping yourself alive in a zombie apocalypse requires some skills. Your will to live isn’t enough; you must also know how to survive. That, and you must also be equipped for it. Take a look at these gear to help you stay in one piece during a zombie apocalypse.

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