Five Best Places To Go To In A Zombie Apocalypse

In any zombie apocalypse, you can expect people to be running for their lives. They could be running to the outdoors or into buildings for safety. But in the chaos and carnage, it can be very hard to figure out where you have to go.

But once you know the ideal places to head for in a zombie apocalypse, you’ll spend less time panicking and running aimlessly. Here are the five best places to be.

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Basements are not only good for holding out in tornadoes or storms. Zombies would never bother to look for underground basements, so you’ll be safe there. Throw in some weapons and supplies, and you’ll stay alive for long enough.

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Typical garages have heavy steel doors that will effectively block zombies from breaking through. Plus it contains lots of metal tools useful for either crafting items or as weapons to bash zombies in the head with. If your car is there, then you can make a quick escape too.


Most of the time, zombies won’t bother to climb high buildings. Being on the rooftop of a skyscraper works best. Not only are you safe from the horde of flesh eaters below; you’re also within easy reach of rescue choppers.

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Hardware Store

Here you’ll find loads of tools you can use as weapons. We’re talking crowbars, axes, forks, chainsaws, mowers, rivet guns, and a lot more. You can even find gloves, helmets, and other stuff to protect you from zombie bites and scratches.


To survive a zombie apocalypse, you’ll need food. Restaurants near you may still have some frozen food stocked, and their ovens and stoves may still be working. Cook up a few meals for you and your fellow survivors to replenish all your lost energy. In addition, you can use the wide array of knives as weapons in case zombies crash your party.

Whichever of these spots you may end up in, make sure you have the essentials. The Alritz 12-in-1 Survival Kit and this 2-in-1 First Aid Kit are good to have on hand. Don’t panic, know where to go, and you’ll stay in one piece. - FireKable

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