Few Things You Need to Know About Zombies

By Marina Janakievska

No matter if they really exist or not, zombies are a part of the popular culture. When we say zombie, it usually refers to a reanimated corpse, but also zombie could be human being that is controlled by someone else by use of magic.

They are encountered in horror and fantasy themed fiction and entertainment, typically described as mindless, confused, decaying corpses, hungry for human flesh. They may be concerned as a successor of the concept of the vampires.

The modern conception of the zombie has its roots in the movie of George A. Romero from 1968 – Night of the Living Dead. From then till now, conception of the modern zombie has being tied with the “zombie apocalypse”. It refers to a society breakdown as a result of zombie infestation, portrayed in many zombies – related media. The most famous zombie – themed television appearance probably was Thriller, Michael Jackson’s short film and music video, directed by John Landis that became one of the most popular music videos of all time. Zombies also became a part of the modern literature so the zombie fiction emerged as a distinct literary subgenre. They take a part in the gaming also, zombie games are one of the most popular video games…

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Very interesting thing, related to the zombies, are the guides for zombie survival. No one has seen group of “undead” walking through the streets, but these guides exist, there is a great number of books, articles on internet. Probably the most popular book of this kind is The Zombie Survival Guide, written by American author Max Brooks, published in 2003. In the book he describes “cases” of zombie outbreaks in history and gives detailed plans for the average citizen to survive zombie attacks. For the ones that are impatient to read whole book, here are few simple rules how to survive zombie meeting.

When the zombies are breaking down your door, you should stay calm; they are slow so you can probably get away if you stick to the rules. It’s good if you have a few important things with you like weapons, good flashlight, food and water. Next step is to secure your location, do what you can to barricade every entrance, but in any case, stay put and always have an exit strategy. The rules said that it’s not important if the zombie was your best friend or girlfriend; put a slug in their head, because if you don’t do that, they will kill you no matter what. Be patient waiting for rescue, but start making your long term plans for survival. And another very important thing, don’t get surrounded because you are dead if you do.

Article Source: Few Things You Need to Know About Zombies

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