10 Reasons Why Hammocks Are Helpful In A Zombie Apocalypse

A hammock is a comfortable, portable, easy-to-setup piece of outdoor gear. It’s good for the occasional power nap, getting into a relaxed position while enjoying a nice view of the horizon, or for a full night of dozing off.

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In a stressful survival situation like a zombie apocalypse, one may not usually think of bringing along a hammock. If you’re one of those people, here are ten points to ponder that might change your mind.

1. Easy to Set Up
All you need are two nearby trees or poles to tie the ends upon, and there you go: an instant sleeping and relaxation implement.

2. Highly Portable
Once it’s time to move, just untie the ends, fold the hammock, pack it into your bag, and hightail out of there.

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3. Lightweight
Including a hammock in your survival pack isn’t a chore. The things are lightweight, so you won’t break your back bringing them along.

4. Comfortable surface to sleep on
You won’t be sleeping on the ground in contact with rough, uneven terrain. The soft material of the hammock cushions your entire body as you rest.

5. Easy to get back up just in case
Surprise zombie attack? Not to worry. You can easily spring back into action, unlike in a tent where you have to unzip and crawl your way out of it.

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6. Lots of room to breathe
A hammock gives you a large open-air environment. Certainly you can’t accidentally suffocate yourself sleeping this way.

7. Extensive visibility
Being on a hammock, It’s very easy to see whatever is around you. Being aware of your surroundings is key to peace of mind, especially in a zombie apocalypse.

8. Fabric for emergencies
The strong fabric material that composes the hammock can be used for other purposes too. Say the bottom of your backpack gets torn. You can cut up a small part of the hammock and use that to patch up the hole in your bag.

9. Covering material
When it’s the middle of the day and you have stuff you don’t want to leave exposed under direct sunlight (like food), the hammock is also good as a cover. You won’t be sleeping during the day in a zombie apocalypse anyway.

10. Inexpensive
Another great thing is that hammocks are not costly. So if sleeping gear is last on your list of priorities, no need to worry. You can get one for a very affordable price.

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