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  • 10-day Emergency Food supply for natural disaster Earthquake Flood Tornado Hurricane Volcano Bush Fire Gluten Free and Non-GMO 25 Years Shelf Life (120 tabs – Chocolate)


    Contain 100% of 15 Essential Vitamins & Minerals. Made with the highest quality protein. GLUTEN FREE and NON-GMO.
    The ‘Just in Case’ Food Supply, The Survival Tabs backup for the situations such as natural disasters. This is the best possible food in the smallest possible volume. Created to supply the body with all the daily essential vitamins and minerals needed when facing uncertainty. The compact design allows for easy storage and is perfect for individual emergency kits.
    These convenient portable, personal pouches will sustain a person for 10 days | This calculation is based upon one average person. Consumption requirements may vary from person to person

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    2-in-1 First Aid Kit (120 Piece) + Bonus 32-Piece Mini First Aid Kit: Compact for Emergency at Home, Outdoors, Car, Camping, Workplace, Hiking & Survival.


    ★ NEW & UPGRADED IN 2017: 2-in-1 Premium First Aid Emergency Kit comes with 120 medical grade items in a compact, flexible, durable design (size 9x3x6″), weighing only 1.2 pounds. Includes Stainless Steel Trauma Shears, Instant Ice Pack, Survival Tools, PLUS, comes with additional 32-Piece Mini 1st Aid Kit.
    FDA APPROVED: Manufactured from the highest of quality FDA approved facility exceeding safety standards for emergency first aid, for adults and kids. Trusted by parents, students, nurses, hospitals, teachers, doctors, children’s daycares, restaurants, preschools, pediatrics, police, emergency responders, EMT’s, lifeguards, law enforcement, construction workers, truck drivers, and professional business offices that need to stay OSHA compliant.
    INCLUDES MINI-FIRST AID KIT (32 Piece): Amazingly small pouch, lightweight mini kit includes bandaids, antiseptic alcohol pads, sting relief pads, gauze, CPR Kit and refill essentials! Fits perfectly in moms handbag, pocket, purse, backpack or carry-on for use during air flight travel. Versatile First Aid Kit & Mini-Bag provides protection & fits anywhere, including your ATV, car, auto, truck, boat, yacht, jeep, bike, motorcycle, glovebox, or RV.

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    Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food Storage Supply 29 lb 4.37 oz 7 Gallon Pail


    Details: *307 total servings *54,670 total calories *1,822 calories per day *35 food pouches * Transportable and watertight pail *20 minutes or less to prepare *Shelf life of up to 20 years *30-day and extended 45-day meal planner
    Cheesy Broccoli Rice (5 pouches, 8 servings per pouch, 40 total servings), Creamy Chicken Rice (6 pouches, 8 servings per pouch, 48 total servings), Creamy Potato Soup (6 pouches, 8 servings per pouch, 48 total servings), Elbow Macaroni (2 pouches, 7.5 servings per pouch, 15 total pouches), Cheese Powder (1 pouch, 15 servings per pouch, 15 total servings), Hearty Vegetable Chicken Soup, 4 pouches, 8 servings per pouch, 32 total servings)
    Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal (6 pouches, 10 servings per pouch, 60 total servings), Morning Moo’s Low Fat Milk Alternative (2 pouches, 20 servings per pouch, 40 total servings), Instant Potatoes (1 pouch, servings per pouch, 8 total servings), Banana Chips (2 pouches, 8 servings per pouch, 16 total servings)

  • Augason Farms 72-Hour 1-Person Emergency Food Supply Kit


    42 Servings
    2,560 Calories Per Day
    7,680 Total Calories

  • Augason Farms Lunch & Dinner Emergency Food Supply


    Total Servings: 92 per Pail, Total Calories: 21,020 per Pail, Total Food Pouches: 16 per Pail
    Lunch & Dinner Emergency Food Supply contains: *Hearty Vegetable Chicken Soup (8 servings) *Creamy Chicken Rice (16 servings) *Creamy Stroganoff (4 servings) *Fettuccine Alfredo (4 servings) *Italiano Marinara (8 servings) *Chocolate Pudding (5 servings) *Macaroni and Cheese (15 servings) *Creamy Potato Soup (16 servings) *Cheesy Broccoli Rice (8 servings) *Chicken Noodle Soup (4 servings) *Corn Chowder (4 servings)
    Augason Farms recognizes that today’s consumers are more concerned than ever before about what kind of foods they eat and want to provide their families with food that is safe and the best quality. Whether enjoying Augason Farm’s products for everyday meals, as an emergency food supply, or twenty years down the road, you can be confident that Augason Farms long-term food storage products are guaranteed for quality and taste every time.

  • Camping Stormproof Match Matches Kit Windproof Survival Emergency gear Warm


    Waterproof container includes 20 matches and spare strikersIntegrated striker located on outside of match container
    Matches burn for about 15 seconds
    Matches burn despite wind or rain;Matches will burn underwater

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    Chef’s Banquet All-purpose Readiness Kit 1 Month Food Storage Supply (330 Servings)


    330 Total Servings of Delicious Food. Chef’s Banquet has the Best Value in Emergency Food Supply
    30 Day Emergency Food Kit of High Quality Meals (2,100 calories/day) for 1 Person
    Durable 6 Gallon Emergency Food Pail with Seal, Highest quality packaging materials for long term shelf life

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    CVLIFE Outdoor Tactical Backpack Military Rucksacks for Camping Hiking and Trekking Waterproof 30L


    Main Compartment: 18.5″H x 12.6″W x 5.1″D Secondary Compartment: 16.5″H x 10.6″W x 3.5″D
    Constructed with waterproof 600D Nylon material, the backpack is wearable and durable.

  • Eachway Professional 10 in 1 Emergency Survival Gear Kit Outdoor Survival Tool with Fire Starter Whistle Survival Knife Flashlight Tactical Pen etc for Outdoor Travel Hike Field Camp


    MUST HAVE CAMPING GEAR FOR EVERY ONE:Includes compass, extra loud emergency whistle, fire starter fire scraper and knife flashlight tactical pen etc. Ideal for those who loves outdoors & activities such as hiking, trekking,hunting and more.
    MULTI-FUNCTION TOOLS: Portable waterproof tool case, inside is everything you need to help you survive: fire starter, knife, compass, whistle, saw, multipurpose flash light pliers, tungsten steel pen, key-ring flashlight
    SMALL SIZE & EASY TO CARRY:Dimensions is 4.1 x 1.8 x 6.3 inches and Weight only 0.65 pounds.This extremely useful kit can be placed in a backpack, car, drawers, etc. It’s necessary when camping, hiking, adventures, survival and in emergency situations

  • Emergency Food Supply of Healthy Freeze Dried Survival Food – Valley Food Storage


    WARNING: COUNTERFEIT SELLERS! Do not buy from any other brand other than VALLEY FOOD STORAGE. VALLEY FOOD STORAGE is the sole seller of this product. Other sellers will show extended ship times, impossible pricing, and will never ship the product! Make sure that the SOLD BY is by VALLEY FOOD STORAGE when you checkout.
    25 YEAR SHELF LIFE. This kind of long-term viability means you can use this food storage as survival, emergency, or preparedness food. Whether you need it next month or next decade, this food won’t spoil until a quarter century has passed.
    REAL, ALL-NATURAL. Our products are just as real and tasty as anything you’d find at the grocery store. No hydrogenated oils, GMO’s, or MSG. Because it’s 100% real, it’s a fantastic source of nutrition.

  • Emergency Water Pouches for Survival Kits, Disaster Supplies, 5 Year Shelf Life – SOS Brand


    Emergency Purified Drinking Water – 12 pack (125ml/pk)
    Coast guard and Transport Canada approved.
    Purified and bacteria free. 5 year shelf life.

  • ER Emergency Ready Tornado/Hurricane Survival Kit


    Contains essential, lifesaving items necessary to sustain two individuals for three days in the event of a quick home evacuation or the need to shelter-in-place following a devastating tornado or hurricane.
    U.S. Coast Guard Approved ER Emergency Ration Survival Food & Water with a shelf life up to 5 years
    Packaged within a durable, water-resistant 6 gallon bucket that can be used for emergency sanitation purposes

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