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  • Gerber Gator Machete Jr: A Cut Above The Rest

    Whether you’re camping, shipwrecked in a deserted island, or on the run from a zombie apocalypse, a good utility knife is always a welcome companion. You can cut wood to make a fire, peel fruits, slice meat for a barbecue, and of course stick the blade into an approaching zombie. To achieve all of these, […]

    27 Apr 2020
  • Ten Products That You Need To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

    What if you wake up tomorrow to a world suddenly ravaged by zombies? Being one of the remaining survivors is such a gut-wrenching thought. That is, if you can even survive for long enough. But if you came prepared, you won’t have to worry as much. In fact, it could even be the adventure of […]

    26 Apr 2020
  • How To Not Go Hungry In A Zombie Apocalypse

    What do zombies eat? Human flesh. Brains. Whatever your body has. Unless you’re a cannibal, you just cannot eat the same things. So what are you going to eat in a zombie apocalypse? You could go to the nearest Burger King or McDonalds, but with no one left to run the restaurants, how will you […]

    26 Apr 2020
  • Survival Gear Essentials For A Zombie Apocalypse

    In a zombie apocalypse, you can’t expect to stay in one place for a long time. One way or the other, you will be moving out a lot. Chances are you’ll have to wait it out in the outdoors as well. Surviving in the outdoors sounds like the hardest thing ever in the modern world. […]

    26 Apr 2020

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